Top 5 most effective ways to quit smoking

Who doesn’t know how harmful smoking can be to our health? It causes severe damage to your heart and increases the chance of heart attacks. If you are a regular smoker you should quit smoking immediately. It is not only affecting you but also your family members. They are becoming the secondary smokers if you smoke at home. Nowadays researchers have come up with a number of ways to quit smoking. Here we are going to discuss the most effective ones.


If you are a disciplined person, then you can help yourself. You can simply promise yourself that you will never smoke.You can control your cravings for smoke by distracting your mind. For example, you can go for a walk or do something so that you don’t get the chance to feel about it.

Have a partner

It can often be difficult to take up this challenging project all alone. Stop smoking new year’s resolution may not work if you are alone. If your partner or friend smokes then you can encourage him or her to try quitting smoke. If you try it along with your friend then you can get positive results. You can constantly push each other to fulfill the promise of quitting smoke.

Join a financial incentive program

There are a number of financial incentive programs available that help smokers to quit smoking within a very short time. Research indicates that this is a highly effective way to quit smoking. In these programs, you will have to pay an initial fee. Then you will get a bonus amount of money if you can quit smoking. Many people have made hundreds of dollars this way and money is the most motivational factor to achieve something.

Try nicotine replacement therapy

There are lots of chewing gums for smokers in the market. These gums reduce the craving for a cigarette. You will find different patches also that you can put into your chest and reduce your craving for cigarettes.


It is a new thing in the market. Instead of smoking actual cigarette, you buy e-cigarettes. It will give you the feeling of smoking. E-cigarettes have proven to be very effective in quitting cigarette smoking.

One problem with people who try to quit smoking is that they try smoke quitting strategies for some time and then go back to smoking. In order to stop smoking New Year’s resolution must include all these techniques. You will need lots of support and patience to permanently stop smoking. You will be able to save yourself and your family members from various life threatening diseases if you quit smoking.