4 things you should know about the treatment of Malaria

Malaria is a disease that is mostly seen to be affected by people who live in the tropical regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is due to the place providing the perfect condition for the parasite that causes the condition, Plasmodium, with the warmth and dampness needed for survival.

Make sure there are no mosquitoes at home

It is spread by infected female Anopheles mosquitoes and is the cause of the death of millions every year. If diagnosed at the right time, malaria is a condition that can be cured with proper care. But in most of the cases, due to the poor facilities that the developing countries have, it is diagnosed very late, and the healthcare facility is not developed enough to provide the proper care needed for the patient.

Diagnose of the condition at its root

In some countries where the condition is not common, the symptoms can be misdiagnosed to be some other condition, and the proper treatment might not be provided. It is reported that these two conditions mainly result in fatalities due to malaria. This makes it important for the diagnosis of the condition at its root and taking the required steps to cure it and prevent it from spreading. Due to its life-threatening nature, it is a condition that is feared and only due to the new developments in the field of medicine, the condition is being able to be cured. But as you might already know, it is always better to prevent a condition from happening than to cure once it is already affected.

Take preventive measures when traveling

There are two factors that result in the kind of medicine that is to be used for preventing malaria. One is the health condition of the person (immunity level, any previous health condition, age, pregnancy, allergies and much more). The other is the place where you were exposed to being contracted by the parasite that spreads malaria. It is important to take the preventive measures if you are planning on traveling to places that are affected by malaria. It is seen that the majority of the people who are affected by malaria while traveling is due to them not taking the required preventive measures not to be affected by the condition.


It is also important to follow the correct dosage that is prescribed by the doctor to keep yourself away from the condition. It is important to take medicine prescribed to be taken every week on the same day it is mentioned to be taken. The right dosage for the prescribed amount of time should be taken to prevent the effects of malaria. It is expected from you to continue the usage of the medicine for the duration it is mentioned even after returning from the place where the risk of malaria is high. The time usually ranges from one week to a month.

The scientists and researchers are currently working on developing vaccines that can help in preventing the spread of malaria. But as of now, it is not developed, and the efforts are continuous. Hopefully, in the near future, we would have an all in one vaccine to prevent the condition.